Current Everyday Make Up

Ok, so a slight fib - as it's not *every day* make-up. But more like my current everyday make up (when I'm going out and about) including a few new and some older favourites. This face combination has been my latest go-to for something that's a happy medium between 'done' and 'glowy and natural' whilst also being long lasting View Post

Getting back on the tan: Vita Liberata

Remember back in Feb, when I totally over-excitedly spammed you with my social feed about going to The Brits? Well, that was thanks to the lovely folks behind Vita Liberata and was totally one of my top blog-life highlights. It was an amazing evening and just the prompt I needed to jump back on the fake tanning band wagon. View Post

The Fragrance Library: Spring Scents

I've talked about my love for Demeter Fragrance Library before, so you can probably understand when I was a tad over excited at prospect of them arriving in the UK under the name of 'The Fragrance Library'. I remember the first time I spotted them - I was in a Walgreens just off Union Square in New York and I spotted the View Post

Cosmetics A La Carte

Over the years I've been blogging I've heard of Cosmetics A La Carte many a time. But it wasn't a brand I've had the chance to try much from - it's quite a niche brand in that it specialises in creating custom products. That lipstick you loved but was discontinued? Take a bit to them and they will custom blend it for you. View Post

Five: Things I love about blogging

From time to time it's natural to have a bit of a motivation lull on the blogging front. But rather than let it suck me into that black hole of negativity, I find it much better to take things back to basics and remind myself of all the awesome stuff about blogging. That can sometimes be clouded by blogging politics and View Post