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Rimmel 60 Second Nail Varnish: 405 Rose Libertine

This is the latest addition to my excessive nail varnish collection and has been added thanks to my lovely friend Hannah, who is a good friend from university and came to visit the big smoke on Saturday. In amongst the tapas and cocktails, I spotted this colour adorning Hannah’s fingernails and immediately wanted it. I have a real weakness for anything that could be said to fall within the coral family so this was perfect.

The colour is very pretty, bright, but not too bright, part coral, part pink and perfect for a sunny spring. After spotting it on Hannah, I insisted she text me the name of the shade when she got home and the next day I headed off to Superdrug to pick up my own bottle.

I do love the colour and for a price of around £3.50 I really shouldn’t complain – but the formula of Rimmel 60 Second Nail Varnish really is quite poor. I have mentioned this before when I picked up the shade ‘Euphoria’ – the claims of a one-coat, fast dry polish are just plain false. I did two coats for the pictures above and think it could do with a third and my nails didn’t dry any quicker than a normal polish. The only thing other than the colour that I would say I like is the brush – which is wide so coats the whole nail in a single (or single and a half) coat.

So basically, it’s a lovely colour – shame about the formula though. What do you think of Rimmel nail polishes?? Yay or Nay??

**The Small Print**

I bought this myself. In a shop. With real money.

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