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Bikini Blitz: Part 1

There’s nothing like a last min beach holiday to scare me into a bikini panic. No complaints at all, a holiday of any sort is amazing – but there is a pretty significant part of me that’s nowhere near ready for baring it almost all on the beach.

But panic aside, there are a few things that can be done to make getting into a bikini less scary. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying many of them – starting with bikini blitz part 1, the body scrub!


I tend to use an exfoliating mitt most of the year, in the shower with some shower gel. But for an extra boost and to slough off dull winter skin a good scrub is needed – this one from Cowshed’s new ‘Slender Cow’ range has been my recent favourite.


Firstly, it smells good – not necessarily perfumed good, but herbal, like it’s really going to do something good. It’s got an oil base and chunky scrubby bits that are more intense than a finer scrub or my usual mitts, but still not too harsh. One thing to note is that the oil base means its great for leaving skin soft, but not great for using before tanning as the oil that stays absorbed in the skin means a tan won’t soak in as well. But this is only bikini blitz step 1…. More on tanning later!!

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