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Currently loving: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

I’ve sung the praises of Cleansing Oils for quite a while now, but now I’m going to do it again! This is the fresh version (I’ve previously used the green one) and I much prefer this version to the oily skin version – it suits my combination skin perfectly.

Just in case you haven’t tried out oil cleansers before, I really, really do recommend them. I’ve not found anything that really removes make-up without leaving skin feeling stripped or dried out. When it comes to cleansing I tend to use an oil cleanser to remove make-up and then use another face wash to get skin really clean, or use an exfoliating cleanser a couple of days a week – but if I’m feeling lazy I’ll just use the oil to remove make-up – it does such a good job, so quickly.
If you’re worried about skin feeling greasy – you don’t need to worry. Just apply the oil to the skin, massage all over the face to dissolve make-up, then add a small amount of warm water and the oil will emulsify and go milky, so it’s easy to rinse off. It can even do a decent job of removing eye make-up, but I do tend to rely on my much-loved No7 eye makeup remover to get it off properly.
This particular Shu Uemura oil cleanser is a limited edition – with special packaging designed by Mamechiyo and in a larger size (£56 for 450ml – and will last for AGES).

PR sample.
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