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Bunny update

This is a little bit of a self-indulgent/random post…but I thought I’d do a little update post on Charlton and Chip, my two little (or not so little) house bunnies. I think I’m borderline becoming the rabbit equivalent of a crazy cat lady…but I often get tweets or messages about them so thought I’d go all out and dedicate a whole post to them.
Charlton – the older of the two (the brown one) is a bossy as ever. He’s definitely the boss of the house and has a real thing for nose rubs. He will come and sit down next to you and nudge you until you rub his nose – and when you start he basically ‘deflates’ and flops down to enjoy the pampering. It’s pretty cute and nice to see how much more affectionate he’s become as he has gotten older.
Chip (the white one, with dark nose and ears) is an absolute little rascal. But totally adorable. She will spot any hole/wire/surface that she’s not supposed to go into/chew/climb on and do exactly as she’s not allowed. But then she will be so adorable that we kinda let her get away with anything – I mean, look at that face! You might be able to see in the top photo how we have had to use the shelf of an old shoe rack to block off underneath the bookcase…another place she runs to as soon as eyes are off her! 
Recently we have been trying to get the two of them to become friends (or to ‘bond’ as all the rabbit websites call it). It’s been going ok-ish… we have basically been letting them out to run around at the same time. Charlton is a bit grumpy with her, he seems fine until she gets a bit to close then he has a bit of a grumble. But nothing too bad – and she can outrun him anyway. In fact, she actually leap-frogs him – which is quite entertaining to watch.
I’ve read all about these different tips like a car ride together or putting peanut butter on their heads to encourage grooming… but if you have any tips on how to encourage them to get along a little better that would be amazing. They do seem perfectly happy around each other, as long as they have their own space…but I’d like to get them to the point of snuggling together! Maybe asking too much?!
Hope you don’t mind the random bunny update… if you have any questions please let me know! 
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