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Butter London Lippy

Here’s a little look at a couple of gorgeous glosses from Butter London – yep, Butter London that’s probably mostly known for it’s quirky-named nail colours…well these are the ‘Lippy’ glosses from the brand that are just as pretty, and just as quirky named!
IMG_0658 IMG_0660 IMG_0666 IMG_0669

The pale pink is ‘Teddy Girl’ and is perfect if you love that nude/concealer lip type look or are just partial to a pale pink!

The hot pink is called Primrose Hill Picnic and it’s one of my favourite hot pink lip products (as mentioned in my video HERE) and when this arrived I literally pulled it out and put it on straight away and the texture, colour and overall feel just totally won me over. It’s a gloss, but such bright, creamy pigment it’s lovely. It reminds me of the YSL Glossy Lip Stains. I love, love, love the bright pink colour. So glossy, but not sticky and not *too* glossy – if you know what I mean.

Have you tried a Butter London gloss (or polish) that you loved? Tell me shade recs in the comments!

PR samples.

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