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System Professional Clear Scalp Mask

I know talking about scalp products is hardly glamorous, but I am a huge fan of the scalp mask – regardless of having scalp issues or not, I think it just makes sense to give your scalp a good deep clean every now and then and if you have a healthy scalp, your hair is also far more likely to be healthy.
I’ve had a few masks on the go recently but this System Professional one has become my favourite.

Why is this my favourite? Well, it feels more pampering than functional – so that’s a bonus. It’s cleansing, but gentle – not harsh. After use, my hair feels refreshed, not just my scalp – and soft, with a clear scalp. Not at all stripping or difficult to use as some scalp treatments can be.
This mask is just a part of the System Professional Clear Scalp range – which also includes a product called ‘Shampeeling’, which I’m massively curious about! 
What’s your view on scalp masks? Essential or luxury?? Personally, they’re more of an essential to me than a regular hair mask.
System Professional Clear Scalp Range is available from (the mask is currently priced £12.71)

PR sample.
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