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Topshop Lipstick: Collection

As if this is going to help my Topshop make-up obsession, here’s a little post on my small but (seemingly) ever-growing collection of Topshop lipsticks…


So it all started with Brighton Rock – the bright pink, that’s a matte finish. I love it! Then I have picked up three variations on the nice safe, neutral type shades… varying from peachy to pinky nude….

Whimsical, Secret Admirer, Brighton Rock, Pillow Talk
Whimsical, Secret Admirer, Brighton Rock, Pillow Talk

To see lipstick swatches click the links at the bottom for each shade:

Secret Admirer lipstick swatch
Whimsical lipstick swatch
Brighton Rock lipstick swatch

Pillow Talk lipstick swatch

Overall, it’s hard to pick a favourite – it’s a bit like choosing a favourite child (joke) but I think Pillow Talk is the easiest to wear, Whimsical is a favourite for Summer, Secret Admirer is another easy to wear – just a little more drying than Pillow Talk and doesn’t flatter everyone. Brighton Rock is just such a fun colour, how can you not love it!? Well, if you have dry lips for a start… as it does highlight flaws. But I love it anyway! 
I can see this being just the start of a long lasting love affair with Topshop lipsticks. I haven’t braved the Lip Stick pencils they have yet – so any suggestions for good colours let me know! 

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