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Models Own Show Stopper

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about this or not, because this polish is exclusively available at The Clothes Show – which is going on until just tomorrow (11th December). So it’s not one that will be easy to get your hands on, but then I decided that it’s a gorgeous sparkly polish and those that are going might want to know! Then of course life got in the way of me posting it on the 7th when the Clothes Show opened…but still, better late/just in time than never…

I can’t decide what colour polish this might look best over, I’m leaning towards either a cool lilac or a neutral. Possibly a dove grey shade?! What do you think….

Anyway, Show Stopper is exclusively available at The Clothes Show (stand PK116 to be precise) so if you’re heading there then make sure you stop by and check this beauty out in person!

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