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Sleeping Beauty part 2

I love sleeping. I really do – a good nights sleep, or even a cheeky afternoon nap at weekends makes me very happy. Sometimes it’s nice to have a few little tricks up my sleeve to make sure that good night of sleep happens and these are some of them…

A nice warm bath (not too hot) with Yardley English Lavender* always makes me feel a bit dozy and ready for snoozing. Lavender maybe considered a bit old fashioned by some, but I love it for it’s relaxing qualities and there really isn’t much of a nicer way to end a long day than with a bubble bath.

I’ve been following my bath with a good slathering of Organic Surge Gentle Meadow Body Lotion*, which again contains¬†Lavender¬† along with geranium. I find this helps the relaxing feeling of the bath linger a little longer, plus leaves my skin feeling silky soft.

If I really need some extra help I turn to This Works and spritz a bit of their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray* on my pillow (always on the actual pillow rather than the cover to avoid getting it in my eyes or anything when asleep…I think this follows a painful Olbas Oil incident when I was younger….

I also dab a little of their Stress Less roller ball* on my pulse points – the scent is really soothing and relaxing and this is the final touch I need to ensure a good nights sleep is had.

All this talk of sleep is making me want a nap…

*PR samples.

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