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Clarins Spring 2013 (part 2: face)

Time for part 2 of the Spring 2013 collection – this time it’s all about the eyes/face. First up the latest gorgeousness in the cheek/blush/face palette – gorgeously embossed with a floral textured pattern. This is one that’s going in my ‘too pretty to use’ collection. Yes, my make-up geekery goes so far that if something is that gorgeous, I don’t really want to spoil the pretty by using it. But that’s not where the pretty ends…there’s also an eye palette!

IMG_6519 IMG_6512

The eye palette is a wet/dry one so you can go for a sheer look or if you want a stronger look then use with water for a more intense pigment. I’ve included swatches with it wet and dry so you can compare with and without water so the difference is clear.

In typical fashion I have a favourite and it’s the taupe one…sheer, purple, brown, grey hybrid and it’s just gorgeous!


IMG_6500IMG_6502 IMG_6510 IMG_6505

The white makes a pretty highlight and the darker black/purple for a smokey look. But that taupe….oooh, it’s a beauty.

I do have to admit, the pigment on the dry swatches is a bit of a let down – on the paler colours particularly. It’s only really when you can see when they’re wet how the pigment works – look at the purple. WOW. Moral of the story – don’t judge a shadow by a dry swatch!

Which of these goodies is the prettiest in your opinion from Clarins Spring??

PR samples.

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