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    A ramble about A Levels Results

    August 17, 2017

    Ok so I know there's the whole 'you're over 30, nobody under 25 gives two hoots about your opinion because you're old' thing, BUT - the good thing about being over 30 is that I don't…

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    Beauty Blogging

    Beauty thoughts and rambles

    April 10, 2017

    I was having a little browse of some of my fave corners of the old blog-internet and had a read of THIS post from Anna. It was one of those ones that just hits the spot…

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    Blogging Lifestyle

    Bloggers Block

    January 8, 2017

    How ridiculous is it that I came storming back into the New Year all raring to go. Now - seven days into 2017 - whenever I sit down with my computer all ready to write out…

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    Blogging Lifestyle

    When your mind is elsewhere…

    May 31, 2015

    Longer time readers of the blog will know that from the very beginning I've been a daily blogging sort of girl. You may or may not have noticed that over the last couple of months this…

    Blogging Lifestyle

    Time for a little catch up

    April 7, 2015

    Time for a little catch up! You may (or may not) have noticed that things have been a little quiet around the blog for a few days. I am sorry about that, as I always feel…

  • sunday ramble

    Sunday ramble… and I mean a ramble…

    January 18, 2015

    It's Sunday, which apparently means it's time for me to have a little ramble. Why do I keep making a habit of this? Who knows. But here goes anyway. Another Sunday ramble for you... Random fact,…