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    Antigua Style Diary

    October 30, 2016

    I didn't actually plan on doing anything around outfits really when I was in Antigua - bar taking a few photos with me in them. But turned out after a few years in training I may…

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    Three ways to wear: Bright Pink Jumper

    March 28, 2013

    Time for another 'Three Ways to Wear' post - I can only speak for myself, but I'm loving putting these posts together as it's a really great way to force me to look at all contents…

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    Three ways to wear: Bright Jeans

    March 10, 2013

    As much as I'd love to do outfit of the day type posts, life tends to get in the way of this happening - so as an alternative I thought I'd start sprinkling the blog with…

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    Beauty Fashion

    ASOS Beauty Insider

    November 25, 2012

    This week I was lucky to be invited to visit my personal holy grail of shopping (in fact, as I type this I have just placed a little order...) also known as ASOS. Their rather glam…

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    Style crush: Rachel Bilson

    June 6, 2012

    There are two reasons that Hart of Dixie has made its way onto my radar - one, I think Rachel Bilson's style is amazing and two, I know the next series of Gossip Girl is going…